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Tattoo Removal
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Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal


Unfortunately tattoos often last longer than love, removing a tattoo is no easy process and an important point that people should understand BEFORE getting a tattoo. However there is one other option, a cover-up. You could get your tattoo covered by a new tattoo that may need to be around 50% bigger to effectively hide the existing tattoo. If this is not an option then laser treatment may be your best bet.

How do you remove a tattoo?

There are various methods available to remove tattoos :

  • Laser treatment is the most common method. Different wavelengths of light are used for different pigments. The laser beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by the ink. This causes the ink to break down so that it can be removed by the body's lymphatic system.

  • If the tattoo is too deep for laser treatment, or is quite small in size, the skin with the pigment can be cut away and the edges sewn together to close the wound.
    If the tattoo is too large for the wound to be closed with sutures, it is sometimes possible for a piece of skin from another part of the body to be grafted onto the site. Unfortunately, this causes two scars - at the site of the tattoo and at the site of the 'donated' skin, although it is usually taken from an area of the body that is not normally exposed. The scars should settle and fade over time, and further surgery is sometimes possible to further minimise the scar.

  • Dermabrasion literally rubs the tattooed skin away with an abrasive tool, over a series of treatments. If the tattoo is deep, a skin graft may also be necessary to 'level out' the surface of the skin.

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